Monica Paz

Monica Paz, Milonguero Style

Monica Paz was born and grew up in Buenos Aires. She has been devoting herself to professional tango for the past twenty years. She is strongly involved in tango milonguero style, the “Real Milonguero” with the connection of the torso: the style that she dances every week in the milongas with the best milongueros in Buenos Aires. She feels lucky to have had this experience especially with Carlos Gavito and with Pedro “Tete” Rusconi. These days, some of her regular partners at the milongas are “Chiche” Ruberto and Nestor La Vitola. (Videos attached)

Monica has been formed as a teacher specialized in tango, becoming one of the very few tango instructors with an academic training. She is recognized for her educational capabilities, her pedagogy  and for her extensive experience as a maestra and as a dancer in Buenos Aires (Argentina), in Washington DC; New York City and in New Jersey (USA); The Hague; Leiden and Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Antwerp and Bruxelles (Belgium); London and Bristol (UK), among other places, where she travels on a regular basis, invited to teach workshops, to conduct special lessons and to perform.

Mónica Paz as a leader

Monica has an extensive experience teaching both roles (that of who leads the couple and that of who lets herself being lead). This is how she has developed a simple teaching methodology that gives the student the basis for tango dancing that are solid, functional and universal and through which the student can quickly obtain an understanding of the technique and that will allow him/her to incorporate such technique and later develop his/her own personal dance. Monica is a master of Tango, Milonga and Vals technique, specializing in Milonguero style (See Teaching Method).

Since June 2010, Monica is the head of PractiMilonguero where she teaches the tango codes in use in the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires. Moreover, she interviews the “living legends” of tango and through the web she shares with the world the experiences and reflections of those dancers. (See Interviews with the Milongueros).

Thanks to the goals achieved in her career, in 2012 Monica was named a member of the CID, the “Consejo Internacional de la Danza,” a member of the UNESCO.

  • Monica was part of the cast of the successful show “Una Arrabalera de Hoy,” for two years in the Cafè Tortoni in Buenos Aires.
  • Together with Osvaldo Spinelli, she was a finalist in the 1st World Tango Championship that took place on March 9th, 2002 in the Estadio Obras in Buenos Aires. They ranked 4th.
  • Monica danced accompanied by greatly renowned musicians like Anibal Arias (guitar); Osvaldo Montes (bandoneon) and Pascual Mamonne (bandoneon).
  • Monica and her students have been invited in various occasions to participate in the shows organized by the Bibioteca Nacional de Argentina.
  • In November 2002, two of her young students were soloists at Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.
  • Monica is one of the very few teachers who have taught tango in official institutions like La Academia Nacional de Tango and the Programa Cultural en Barrios of the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (the cultural program sponsored by the City of Buenos Aires)
  • In 2012 Monica started MPTango, the School of Social Tango.
  • In 2013 Monica and Osvaldo Natucci created the website “Calendario Milonguero” (Milonguero Calendar) where each day they post a special event related to tango for dancing that took place in the past, thus contributing to the education of those interested in the cultural aspects of tango.