Teaching Method

Group class

The distinguishing feature of Tango Milonguero is its total improvisation. Once you master balance, posture, energy and the relation with your partner and with the music, there is no need to have good memory to remember an extravagant choreography.

The steps will be the consequence of the movement and not the reason.

Monica did not invent a method of dancing, but she has devised a teaching method that facilitates its understanding and how to incorporate it so that it is not necessary to memorize complicated structures that will only translate into a mechanic dancing.

Monica explains the fundamentals of tango in a way that allows the beginner student, already in the first lesson, to feel capable of leading or following – depending on whether he/she is “leading” or “following”-, while the more advanced student will feel more comfortable in their dancing because he/she will acquire the elements with which to enrich their knowledge so that their dance would become smoother, more elegant and fluid.