The “Códigos” of the Traditional Milongas

During the practice sessions of the Códigos at PractiMilonguero, Mónica explains and recreates the codes of the tradicional milongas of Buenos Aires and the students practice them in a relaxed atmosphere.

Etiquette practica


To learn and respect the codes of the tradicional milongas in Buenos Aires means:

  1. Respecting the other couples so that everyone can enjoy a social dance, keeping in mind that this is not a performance.
  2. Dancing in a pleasant close embrace, respectful and comfortable.
  3. Taking care of our personal hygiene in order not to inconvenience our dance partner
  4. Following the line of dance counterclockwise
  5. Trying not to step backwards, for the leader.
  6. Without lifting the feet from the floor too much, in order to avoid hitting other dancers.
  7. Inviting to dance using the classic “cabeceo”.

From Milonga Cachirulo. Thank you!!