Private Lessons

In a private lesson with Monica, the student will quickly learn the secrets of the dance and will acquire the capability of dancing on any dance floor, even on the busiest, fullest ones, enjoying the dance and respecting the other couples. This is because Monica stresses the concept of tango as a social dance and gives her students the tools to improve the connection with their partner and with the music, the sensitivity to interpret, the elegance and smoothness of their dance.

Monica’s teaching is based on the connection of the couple in the dance; she explains the fundamentals of tango in a way that is simple so that the beginner student will feel, already in the first lesson, that he/she is capable to lead or follow – depending of the roles they choose, whether to lead or to follow. The advanced student will feel more at ease and comfortable in dancing because he/she will acquire the elements with which to enrich his/her knowledge and their dance will become smoother, more elegant and fluid.


The private lessons can be individual or as a couple.

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