Different Tango Styles for the Same Passion

Different Tango Styles: Myriam Pincen and Monica Paz

Misma Pasión/ Same Passion


For first time together, Myriam and Monica!

They share their passion for tango, however they have chosen different tango styles. Myriam and Monica are both well know tango teachers and dancers. They both have learnt from old milongueros. Now they will be together to teach two different Tango Styles.

Different styles for the same passion. That will be a special event where students will get the right information of each style to be able to enjoy more and make their dance more enjoyable for their partners. During the workshops students will have the possibility to ask about those differences and get all the answers. Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

-Intermediate and Advance

-August, Saturday 11th:

03:00 to 04:30 pm: Tango’s Fundamentals,  Different Embraces and Styles

05:00 to 06:30 pm: Rhythmic and Melodic Orchestras, Times, “Pisada”, “Cadencia”


-August, Sunday 12th:

03:00 to 04:30 pm: Milonga workshop, “Lisa” and with “Traspie”, Times, “Cadencia”

05:00 to 07:00 pm: Practise: PractiMilonguero,  Practise with Golden Age Music and Milonga’s Etiquette. 


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Watch they dance!

Myriam and Ricardo Vidort

Monica and Omar “Chiche” Ruberto