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How and why MPTango arises? I started with the Tango as a tribute to my father, who died when he was very young. He was a Tango dancer, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see him dance. I wanted to know about his passion; I thought Tango might be something special between him and me. Since I started, more than 20 years ago, I always wanted to know about Tango in the past; in the days when my father was young. Surely trying to reconstruct the story… Read More

Monica Paz was born and raised in Buenos Aires. Tango has been her full time profession for more than 20 years. She is strongly involved in Tango Milonguero style, the “Real Milonguero” with chest-to-chest connection. The style she dances each week in the milongas with the best milongueros from Buenos Aires. She feels lucky to have had that experience especially with Carlos Gavito and… Read More

Having the possibility to work on a private lessons with Monica, the student finds a quick way to learn the secrets to be able to dance on any dance floor, even the most crowded, enjoying and respecting the other couples. Because Monica emphasizes on the concept of tango as a social dance and provides to the student… Read More